An open letter thanking our backers for another great Kickstarter

Rumble Go final Kickstarter summary

Over the weekend, we wrapped up our second Kickstarter campaign for this Rumble line of cold brew coffee makers. Kickstarter campaigns are always whirlwinds until the very end, and so it takes a few days until you can really reflect on it.

So now a few days removed, we'd just like to give credit where it's due: our backers, both new and old. Thank you all!

This recent Rumble Go campaign would not have happened at all if the backers of our first campaign Rumble Jar weren't willing to place their faith in our ability to execute. Back then we were just two unknown guys with an idea, and our backers just trusted us. Thank you!

The idea for this new product emerged mostly out of feedback we got from those Rumble Jar backers. We sent out a survey, and our backers responded: portability was an issue with a Mason jar. Had you not been willing to stay engaged, share and help us out with your thoughts, this second campaign for a more portable coffee maker would not have happened. Thank you!

So many of those original Rumble Jar backers came back and supported us a second time for Rumble Go. It makes us so happy to see folks returning. Thank you!

Our newer backers picked up from where the original ones left off. They've been supportive, helpful and just plain-old really nice people. Can't stress how much we appreciate having nice interactions with folks. It really makes the stuff we do worth it. Thank you!

Now it's time for us to return the favor, so we'll get back to work now. If anyone needs anything, we're an email away.

Rumble On!

Hans & Karl


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