Interested in carrying Rumble Jar or Rumble Go?

We recently launched our wholesale program and we're looking to add some more shops! So if you're interested in selling Rumble Jar or Rumble Go in your store, just head over to our Contact page, drop us a quick line with your name, the name of your store and a super quick description of it (a link works fine too), and we'll get back in touch with all the wholesale details you need. Contact Us Here

Wholesale Marketplaces

As of spring 2020, we've started to test out some of these new online wholesale marketplaces that we've seen popping up. Even though they cost us a bit more than dealing with stores directly ourselves, these marketplaces do offer Net Payment and returns flexibility that we're not able to offer when we deal directly. With covid adding so much uncertainty to the retail industry, these terms can really remove some of the risk in carrying a new product like ours, so the extra cost seems like a reasonable trade-off.

If you happen to routinely buy from some of them, you might be able to do a quick search and find us on one you already use. If you have no idea what these marketplaces are, we're happy to share more info about the ones we're listed on and send you a referral (and it could mean a discount on your first order from them too!).   

And if you could, we'd love to hear what your experience is like buying from them! As we said, we're new to them and looking for feedback as we test them out. Drop us a line here if you could. Thanks!   

Rumble Jar cold brew coffee maker for a quart-size Mason jar