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Rumble Jar: Quart size (32oz), filter-only (no Mason jar included)

Rumble Jar: Quart size (32oz), filter-only (no Mason jar included)

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The award-winning quart-size Rumble Jar filter, now available without the Mason jar. This is for the folks that already own a wide-mouth 32oz Mason jar and want to pair it with the best cold brew coffee filter on the planet.

The brewing instructions couldn't be simpler. Just take your favorite coffee beans, grind them coarsely, add tap water and give it a rumble. Total prep time takes less than a minute, and by the morning you'll have delicious cold brew coffee ready to drink.

To see what makes this filter ideal for cold brew, check out this product teardown.

+ 18/8 Stainless Steel Cold Brew Filter, compatible with any wide-mouth 32oz (quart size) Mason Jar*
+ Food-Grade Silicone Cap, Available in 2 Colors
+ Cotton Filter Bag (optional 2nd stage filter)
*Mason jar not included. See which jars are compatible

Please note: our filters are only compatible with wide-mouth quart size Mason jars. They won't fit in the regular-mouth version. If you need a wide-mouth Mason jar, the Rumble Jar Complete Kit includes a compatible Mason jar. 

Need a larger size? Check out the Half-Gallon (64oz) filter.


+ 18/8 Stainless Steel Cold Brew Filter, compatible with any wide-mouth 32oz (quart size) Mason Jar*
+ Food-Grade Silicone Cap, Available in 2 Colors
+ Cotton Filter Bag (optional 2nd stage filter)
*Mason jar not included.

Detailed Features

Both Rumble Jar and Rumble Go have similar features that made them both crowd favorites.

Rumble Jar's industry-leading cold brew coffee filter design

The Filter. We engineered an entirely new filter designed specifically for the cold-brewing process. This is not one of those run-of-the-mill cheap mesh filters originally designed to brew hot coffee and then just repurposed for cold brew. Instead, our filters are etched out of a single sheet of 18/8 (Type 304) stainless steel, which makes them lightweight but shockingly sturdy. They're designed to last for years and are a total cinch to clean. Most importantly, the filter's 200-micron hole size allows water to circulate at an ideal rate for steeping coffee that has been ground coarsely, which is the same way the pros make cold brew. This filter is also flexible enough to allow a person to brew with medium-size grounds (commonly found in pre-ground packaged coffee). This filter contains no plastic parts, and it does not require disposable paper filters or reusable felt ones that are a pain to wash and end up costing you money to replace later. Those paper/felt filters just soak up the flavorful oils that are the hallmarks of good coffee anyway, so you won't miss them.  


Rumble Jar's innovative cap design allows you to make cold brew coffee more easily

The cap. A patent-pending, FDA-approved, food-grade silicone cap allows the filter to be fully contained inside a Mason jar or water bottle, which keeps it out of the way so it doesn't interfere with the jar/bottle's original seal. As a result, your container stays leakproof and your coffee brews in an airtight chamber. An airtight chamber prevents oxidation (aka the "coffee killer"), so the bottom line is you'll end up drinking better-tasting coffee. The cap's shock-absorbing design also protects the metal filter from dents and rattles, helping ensure it can last for years.  


Rumble Go's base adjusts by 1.5" to fit a variety of water bottles

The Extendable Base (*found on the Rumble Go only*). The Rumble Go's silicone base features 11 different height adjustments that extend the filter by up to 1.5" so it can fit a wide range of popular 16-32oz wide-mouth bottles. The universal design means you can keep using your favorite water bottle or repurpose an old one that may have fallen out of use.  


Rumble Jar is designed to work in tandem with the durable but easily replaceable Mason jar

The Mason Jar (*for the Rumble Jar only*). An ideal 3-in-1 brewing + drinking + storage vessel with a legendary seal. Our patent-pending design ensures that this legendary seal stays intact as originally designed, allowing your coffee to stay fresher since the jar remains airtight and resists oxidation. Of course, a good seal also keeps it from leaking all over the place. And if an accident happens and you ending up breaking your jar, the good news is how easy and cheap it is to replace a Mason jar. No need to shell out for an overpriced, proprietary piece of glass.

Want to see it in action? Watch our 92-second video 

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Instructions & FAQ

Brewing Instructions: Step-by-step instructions (with gifs!) can be found on our Brewing Instructions page, and we have a bunch of specific tips and tricks in our FAQs.

Cleaning Instructions: Our simple design ensures an ultra-quick cleanup. All of our Mason jars, stainless steel filters and silicone caps/bases are dishwasher safe. The only components that require hand-washing are Rumble Jar's reusable cotton filter bag as well as Rumble Go's optional insulated bottle.

More questions? We have a pretty thorough FAQ section. Otherwise you can always email us.

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Prep time: 1 minute. Clean-up: 30 seconds.

  • Best $20 ever spent. Makes making cold brew cake.
  • Thank you for making this!!! Seriously the best cup of coffee, cold brew, I have EVER had!!!!!
  • Possibly the easiest method to make this magical thing called cold brew.
  • By far the best, fastest and cleanest way to brew your cold brew.
  • Just made my first batch. Holy whoa! This is all I need. Forever! So many options for flavors and strengths, so easy, love it!
  • I love my rumble jar. Amazing coffee. You can taste all the subtle nuances of the coffee. Just amazing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews

Well thought out, works well, nice all around.

Love my Rumble Jar

I need to find better coffee now! The process is so simple and it cleans quite easily.

Good product

This is much easier than my old method of steeping and then pouring through a filter and sieve. It was much less strong, though. I will have to use more grounds to get my desired effect.

It really works

I love ice coffee but not having to run out for it or having to buy pre-made in the store. I was leery of the Rumble Jar because of failures I've tried in the past, but the Rumble Jar is exactly as described! I got the best ice coffee and I can choose how dark I want it. There is no bitterness and no grit at the bottom of the jar (I am using a coarser ground coffee) I am so happy with my Rumble Jar filter!

Love my Rumble Jar!

Cold brew tastes great and I am saving so much money. Sorry Starbucks, no sorry

Meet our next-gen cold brew filter

To build a better cold brew filter, we needed to re-think the tiniest details. It might look simple, but it's packed full of smart features. Come see what makes it a better cold brew filter.

Rumble Jar sturdy stainless steel filter for making cold brew coffee in a Mason jar
Rumble Jar's stainless steel construction is far more durable than typical mesh filters
Rumble Jar's silicone cap in orangey-red