Coarse ground coffee is now available here!

4 bags of Rumble Jar coarse ground coffee

"Where can I get coarse-ground coffee?" That's the #1 question we've ever gotten.

Well, the good news is it just became a whole lot easier to find coarse grounds, because they're now available right here!

Using coarse grounds is the preferred method to make the best cold brew, but they can also be really difficult to find in a store. Most stores will stock either whole beans or "ground" coffee, with the term "ground" almost always meaning medium/fine grounds best-suited for drip-style hot coffee brewers. And yes, you can still make some pretty good cold brew with medium grounds, but coarse grounds will give you even better results.

In the pic below, you can see medium grounds on the left and coarse grounds on the right. At best (read: largest), pre-ground coffee will look like the pile on the left, but most often it will be ground up even finer than that! The pile on the right shows our coarse grounds, which are the optimal size for cold brew.  

size of medium grounds vs coarse grounds vs a penny

Of course you can always buy whole beans and grind them yourself, but that usually requires investing $100+ in a burr grinder to do it well. And while we personally think those grinders are a worthwhile investment (we own them and love them!), we also recognize that a lot of folks would rather spend their money on other things.

So if you need fresh coarse-ground coffee delivered direct to your door, we've got you covered. We offer individual 12oz bags, which are discounted 25% when added to any filter order, as well as 3-pack coffee bundles where'll save 20% per bag and get Free U.S. Shipping.  

Rumble Jar bag of Mexican Chiapas single origin coarse ground coffee for cold brew 12oz (340g) - blue background

Our tasters' unanimous pick

We sampled a lot of coffee before we selected this Mexican Chiapas variety. It was the only coffee that was met with unanimous approval by our (admittedly picky) tasters. We wanted a coffee that most people would find rich enough to be delicious, interesting enough to be notable, but balanced enough to not be polarizing. This is a medium roast coffee which leans slightly sweet with creamy undertones, and it really comes alive as a cold brew. We're excited to hear what you think of it.  


"Fresh" is an important concept here. Since coffee loses its flavor more quickly once it has been ground, we're only producing small limited batches of this coffee to ensure freshness. This allows us to get it to your door soon after grinding while it's still rich in flavor.

Coarse, of course.

Since all of our filters feature the same hole size (200 microns), we were able to customize the level of coarseness for our grounds that ensures they work optimally with any of our filters. 

We'd love to hear what you think of our coarse-ground coffee, so feel free to drop us a line and let us know!

Rumble Jar coarse ground coffee with Rumble Jar cold brew filter family
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