Simpler process. Better results.

We build equipment to keep the cold-brewing process as simple as possible. No fancy gizmos here. Just professional-quality filters that minimize the amount of effort you need to make great coffee.

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    "It’s so easy to use, and now I can make cold brew at home just the way I like it!... It makes me feel like a barista/bartender in my own kitchen."

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  • Architectural Digest

    "Count on the high-quality filter to not leave behind any coffee grounds. As a bonus, it makes for a great iced tea or infused water maker too."

    Architectural Digest review 
  • Seattle Coffee Gear

    "Awesome...this will be my go-to for the rest of the summer."

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Complete Brewing Kits


Prep time: 1 minute. Clean-up: 30 seconds.

  • Best $20 ever spent. Makes making cold brew cake.
  • Thank you for making this!!! Seriously the best cup of coffee, cold brew, I have EVER had!!!!!
  • Possibly the easiest method to make this magical thing called cold brew.
  • By far the best, fastest and cleanest way to brew your cold brew.
  • Just made my first batch. Holy whoa! This is all I need. Forever! So many options for flavors and strengths, so easy, love it!
  • I love my rumble jar. Amazing coffee. You can taste all the subtle nuances of the coffee. Just amazing.

Meet our next-gen cold brew filter

To build a better cold brew filter, we needed to re-think the tiniest details. It might look simple, but it's packed full of smart features. Come see what makes it a better cold brew filter.

Rumble Jar sturdy stainless steel filter for making cold brew coffee in a Mason jar
Rumble Jar's stainless steel construction is far more durable than typical mesh filters
Rumble Jar's silicone cap in orangey-red