Rumble Jar cold brew coffee maker for a quart size mason jar

Cold brew made simple


An Ultra Simple Cold Brew Coffee Maker for Your Home

How it works

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Simple and smart.

To build the world's simplest cold brew filter, we needed to think through the smallest details. Rumble Jar looks simple, but it's packed full of smart features. 

Rumble Jar's cold brew coffee filter is beautiful and durable

Kickstarter reviews

We launched Rumble Jar on Kickstarter in November 2017, and we were blown away by the reception! If you missed the campaign but wanted to see how the early-adopters responded to their Rumble Jars, please read their reviews. (hint: we're quite proud of 'em!) The button below takes you directly to the Comment section, in all its 100% honest glory.


Cold brew tastes better

There's a reason why you're always hearing about cold brew coffee, and that's because a lot of folks find it just plain old tastes better. The secret is that cold water extracts about 70% less acid from the coffee grounds than hot water, which means that your coffee ends up tasting a lot less bitter. So if you're new to cold brew, get ready to enjoy a smoother, sweeter flavor of coffee. 

Cold brew science