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The World's Simplest Way to Make Cold Brew Coffee

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Kickstarter project

We launched Rumble Jar on Kickstarter in November 2017. The reception was truly unreal! In case you missed that campaign but want to see what the early-adopters think about Rumble Jar, check it out below.


Cold brew tastes better

There's a reason why you're always hearing about cold brew coffee, and that's because a lot of folks find it just plain old tastes better. The secret is that cold water extracts about 70% less acid from the coffee grounds than hot water, which means that your coffee ends up tasting a lot less bitter. So if you're new to cold brew, get ready to enjoy a smoother, sweeter flavor of coffee. 

Cold brew science

I prefer my coffee to be super bitter and acidic.

-No one ever

I'm looking to spend a bunch of money on equipment I don't need so that I can clean it later.

-No one ever

Introducing Rumble Jar