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Can we start off by bragging just a little? Rumble Jar landed a Kickstarter Project of the Year Award in 2018, in no small part due to some pretty good reviews by our earliest adopters. Later, we also had a great first professional review, a big thumbs-up from the coffee experts at Seattle Coffee Gear, another from Architectural Digest, and a buy recommendation from Outside Magazine for the outdoor-oriented Rumble Go. Also worth checking out are this Reddit feed with some nice things to say about Rumble Jar, and finally (and perhaps most entertaining-ly) our first TikTok review!

A Rambling Story about a Rumbling Jar

Coffee...we drink a lot of it. That was our coffee "expertise" initially, at least until early 2017 when Karl got fed up with all of the existing cold brew coffee filters out there and started hacking away on some new ideas he came up with to build a better one. Hans remained skeptical. But Karl converted Hans to cold brew through a combination of sorcery and brainwashing (i.e. having him taste it) until Hans capitulated and saw the light...cold brew was better! 

Both of us are product designers and creators, and while we're pretty good at developing concepts, what we're even better at is engaging the folks with real expertise to help us make our ideas come to life. After some initial design work, we linked up with a manufacturing shop that focuses strictly on coffee devices and has a sterling reputation for quality, and off we went to prototyping and working through our initial concepts. At the same time we engaged the cold brew experts to better understand the scientific concepts behind small batch brewing. These were folks that had been tinkering with cold brew for decades, long before it appeared on the shelves of every convenience store. You know you're onto something when one of them tells you "Wow this is a really good idea!" (or maybe they just say that to everybody???)

So in late 2017, we brought Rumble Jar to life on Kickstarter. Despite the fact that our project was essentially just a coffee filter competing alongside fancy gadgets like drones and cool new smart touchscreen devices and artificial intelligence whatevers, Rumble Jar's reception was pretty mind-blowing...over $50K raised in just 3 weeks! The crowd actually seemed to be excited about a fairly simple cold brew coffee filter which didn't feature a single moving part. We knew if Rumble Jar could make it on Kickstarter, it could make it anywhere! 

Best of all, the Kickstarter reviews of our initial product turned out to be pretty fantastic! And we have no problem bragging a bit about that, because we're really proud of all the work we put into making sure they were happy with it. Here's us bragging some more, in case you're interested. ;)

Rumble Jar was eventually selected as a Project of the Year by the Kickstarter staff, which was the perfect way to cap off our initial foray into the world of coffee.

So that's the story of how it all began! Feel free to reach out to us via email (through our Contact page), or send us some snail-mail to our mailing address below:

Buffoonery Factory LLC
584 Castro St., PMB 326
San Francisco, CA 94114

-Hans & Karl