Rumble Jar: The World's Simplest Way to Make Cold Brew Coffee (quart size)

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Make barista-quality cold brew coffee at home. Rumble Jar is a next-generation cold brew coffee filter, designed to work in tandem with the classic Mason jar. This 4-piece brew kit is all the equipment you need to make professional-quality cold brew coffee right at home. Just add coffee and water and give it a rumble. Prep time takes less than one minute, and by the morning you'll have professional-quality cold brew coffee ready to drink. Shake your way to cold brew coffee 


Rumble Jar's components were designed by coffee experts specifically for making cold brew.

Stainless steel filter. Dent-resistant type 304 stainless steel. Say goodbye to flimsy mesh filters, and say hello to this surprisingly sturdy upgrade. 200 micron holes were specified by coffee experts as the ideal size for cold brew. Plus, we've included two notches in the filter, and they're there to help guide you in brewing either normal strength or concentrate strength cold brew. 

Silicone cap. Designed using BPA-free, FDA-approved food grade silicone, the cap keeps grounds inside the filter while simultaneously pushing upwards against the Mason jar lid to keep the filter secured tightly inside. Choose from 3 cap colors: Dark Black, Orangey-Red or Kickstarter Green. *see pics of the choices below

Mason jar. A wide-mouth, quart-size (32 ounce) jar with a 2-piece metal lid. Our filter was designed to be fully-nested inside the Mason jar so that nothing interferes with that time-tested Mason jar seal. So now your coffee stays airtight, and the jar stays leakproof. Choose from two styles: 1) Traditional style (includes measurements and decorative elements), or 2) New & Sleek style (does not feature built-in measurements). *see pics of the choices below

Bonus filter sock. Rumble Jars come nestled inside a 100% cotton filter bag that doubles as a totally-optional second-stage filter "sock". While unnecessary for your average cold-brewer, it is a handy option for folks who are sensitive to the sediment that's characteristic of cold brew coffee.  By the way, cleanup has never been easier. We did away with as many unnecessary parts as possible to ensure a quick cleanup. The filter+cap and Mason jar are all dishwasher safe


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