FAQs, Tips, Tricks & Bizarre Stuff

Brewing Instructions

I lost the brewing instructions that came with my Rumble Jar. Can you help?

Those instructions are too #basic. Can you give me more details please?

Can I shake it a lot? Like, waaaayy more than a few Rumbles?

I noticed some dry grounds in my filter after brewing. How can I fix that?

How long should I steep my cold brew?

How should I grind my coffee beans?

Do I need a special type of coffee to make cold brew?

How much coffee does a batch of cold brew use?

Product Questions

What's the difference between the Traditional Mason jar and the New & Sleek versions of the quart size Mason jar?

How much coffee fits in the filter?

How long can I store cold brew in my Mason jar?

Why do you use standard Mason jars?

What Mason jars are compatible?

Do you sell just your amazing filters without the Mason jar?

Is the cap made from FDA-approved, food-grade silicone?

What's up with the cotton bag that comes with my Rumble Jar?

Why aren't there any holes in the bottom of the filter?

I lost/broke something and need a replacement part. Can you help?

Where is Rumble Jar made?

General Cold Brew Stuff

Why is cold brew coffee so hot right now?

Does cold brew generally have silt?

Should my cold brew taste watery?

Cleaning Instructions

Is Rumble Jar dishwasher-safe?

What's the best way to rinse the filter to get all the grounds out?

How do I clean the cotton filter bag?

Shipping Questions

What shipping carriers do you use?

How long will shipping take?

Do you ship internationally?


Can I use Rumble Jar to make iced coffee?

Isn't iced coffee the same thing as cold brew?

What if I like my coffee hot?

Secret Tricks

But what if I like my coffee hot?

Bizarre Stuff

What is a cup?

Why is it Mason jar with a capital "M"?