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Covid-19 shipping update

We've gotten a lot of questions about shipping timing, since some of the major ecommerce sites are facing lengthy shipping delays during the Covid era.

Domestic: Right now, our warehouse is in very good shape, facing only occasional, short delays. Generally, fulfillment delays are now down to only 1 business day, with the vast majority of our packages actually shipping out on time with no delay. And now that USPS has been catching up a bit, this means most domestic packages are still being delivered in less than a week from order date. 

International: It's a very different story for foreign-bound packages. With so few international flights leaving the US, the packages are now being sent via ships instead. As a result, we've seen packages disappear for a few weeks without any tracking info. They're slowly (very slowly) being delivered. So unfortunately we've had to turn off international shipping to everywhere except Canada, since we can't be confident in their delivery in a timely manner. Our apologies, and hopefully the situation will be different soon!

For more info about shipping, head to our Shipping & Returns page

And as always, shoot us an email with questions. Happy to help!

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