New! A Limited Edition Bottle is Here for Rumble Go

This holiday season, we're paying homage to our Kickstarter roots and offering up a limited edition bottle as an add-on for the Rumble Go filter. Check it out: Rumble Go + Bottle

But this time around, the bottle's capacity has been increased to 34oz, which is a full 70% larger than the first version. Seems like a pretty solid holiday gift idea if we do say so ourselves! 

Rumble Go portable cold brew coffee filter plus a limited edition 34oz insulated tumbler

The Complete Portable Cold Brew Package

The Rumble Go + Bottle package is a great option for anyone who might be looking for a new bottle to become their dedicated portable coffee maker. Our Kickstarter backers overwhelmingly gave high marks to the previous 20oz version of this bottle. This bottle's just, well, bigger. The complete package Rumble Go + Bottle package includes:

  • Insulated 18/8 stainless steel bottle (34oz) in Brewberry Blue
  • Wide-mouth flip lid
  • Universal Rumble Go filter

And since it comes with a standard Rumble Go filter, you still have the option of swapping this filter into any of the other compatible bottles you already own. 

Rumble Go is a universal filter that can be used with many different wide mouth bottles

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