We got rid of that unnecessary gear

One thing that always bugged us about coffee gear was the excessive (and expensive) equipment that was involved. We're sure some folks do like owning lots of different bits and pieces and dedicating their entire kitchen to a whole suite of single-purpose coffee equipment...but not us. We really wanted Rumble Jar to be the bare minimum required to make an amazing batch of cold brew coffee as fast as possible and with as little cleanup as possible. This makes it cheaper for us to manufacture, and hence cheaper for customers to purchase. 

Even better, it eliminates the most annoying thing about coffee: cleaning up when you're done! Less equipment. Less cleaning.

With our focus on just the absolute necessities, we built the simplest, smartest filter we could, and adapted it to work in the most versatile and cost effective drinking vessel on the planet: a Mason jar. You really can't build a better brewing/drinking/storage vessel, so why bother. But we did bother building a better cold brew filter, because those flimsy mesh ones you find everywhere quite honestly aren't able to kick out high-quality cold brew. Trust us, we started with one of those because they're WAY cheaper to make. The good news? It sounds like folks are really noticing the difference in taste with our sturdy etched stainless steel filter with 200 micron holes.

In the end, we just wanted folks to go home, add some decent coarse ground beans and water to their Rumble Jar, and be able to produce cold brew coffee as good as the stuff in stores.


Rumble Jar eliminates all the unnecessary gear from the cold brewing process

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