Our site is live....

...but we're guessing you've already figured that out.

We think our homepage is looking pretty and the other core pages of our site are in decent shape. It's not finished yet though. Still a lot of content to add and a bit of prettying up to do. And some better product photos. The list is actually pretty long.

But if you have time and you like us and you like giving us honest feedback, we'd love to hear what you think.

Some feedback ideas:

  • Spelling...we know it's out of vogue now, but we still like doing it right. Find any errors?
  • Is any of our written content confusing?
  • How are the instructions?
  • Anything we're totally neglecting to mention on our site that should be in the FAQs?
  • Are any photos or videos or other content loading slowly/not at all?
  • Any ideas for helpful content?

Please please please don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts. You can email us through the Contact link in our menu. We want to make theRumbleJar.com awesome and we love hearing feedback if you'd like to give a helping hand!

Thank you thank you!!

Hans  & Karl

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