Outside Magazine is digging our new Kickstarter!

We already loved Outside Magazine, but now we love them even more! In their round-up of October's best Kickstarters for outdoor gear (aka "These innovative products are worth the investment"), they instantly understood why we were pitching the idea of cold brew as the ultimate brewing method for outdoor people:

"In the morning, your cold-brew coffee is ready to drink the moment you get out of bed or your sleeping bag, so you don’t have to fumble around to boil water."

We can't wait to see if more outdoorsy folk start to adopt this method. Trust us, it's the easiest way to do coffee in the backcountry!

Oh, and one more thing...they mention that Rumble Go was a "Kickstarter You Should Back in October". See for yourself:

Rumble Go in Outside Magazine Kickstarters You Should Back in October

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