Rumble Go filters started shipping to our Kickstarter backers last week

Rewards from our Rumble Go Kickstarter campaign are officially flying out the door!

Late last week we began the shipping process. We got out nearly half of them shipped by Friday and we'll get the rest out this week. 

Annnnd...we've got some pics of the fulfillment process in progress.

Here's what a box of Rumble Go filters looks like from our manufacturer (alert: first glimpse of the packaging!).

Rumble Go freight

Rumble Go awaiting a shipping nbox

We take one of these beauties and then add any optional bottles/add-ons that a backer added to their pledge...

Rumble Go bottles on bottles

Then we wrap your bundle to protect it and make it look all pretty, and then add a Rumble Go "Cheat Sheet" (our take on an instruction manual) plus a 3-in-1 packing slip/thank you note/name tag which we'd highly recommend wearing to work.

Rumble Go cheat sheet and name tag comes with every shipment

Then USPS does all the hard work. Somehow they take a bunch of big boxes filled with small boxes and make sure each one of them gets to a backer's doorstep in as little as a day. Pretty mindblowing when you think about it...

Boxes waiting to go out the door

Pumped to see these Rumble Go filters finally heading to their rightful homes! Looking forward to hear what everyone thinks.

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