So, why did we make a *portable* cold brew coffee maker? 

So, why did we make a *portable* cold brew coffee maker? 

We built Rumble Go because we noticed there wasn't a reasonable way to make cold brew coffee outside your home. There were plenty of gizmos to help you make it at home (none as good as our Rumble Jar though!), but none of them were really truly designed to be portable and durable enough for the rigors of out-of-home brewing. 

But why does cold brew even need to be portable in the first place? Well, it turns out that it's actually the easiest way to make coffee when you're away from home. The Rumble Go feature by Outside Magazine really hit the nail on the head:

"In the morning, your cold-brew coffee is ready to drink the moment you get out of bed or your sleeping bag, so you don’t have to fumble around to boil water."

So much of traditional hot coffee preparation involves needing a way to heat up water. But with cold brew, that constraint is removed since there's no heat source involved. No stove, no kettle, no fires, no microwave, no steaming percolators, no electronic gizmos. Nothing. It’s dead simple to make: just take your coffee grounds, add some lukewarm water, and let it sit. Pretty easy to do that anywhere! 

It also stores really well (up to 2 weeks) and tastes great at both room and cold temperatures, making it the most fuss-free coffee. That's perfect for when you’re out doing non-coffee-related things, like camping, traveling for work, commuting, picnicking, hiking, or if you just like to grab your ready-made coffee and head straight out the door in the morning.

Cold brew coffee works great for camping

Go check out Rumble Go, our universal filter that transforms your water bottle into a portable cold brew coffee maker.

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