We just launched a brand new filter!

Rumble Go is here.

Available now on our Rumble Go Pre-Order Store

We've taken that great Rumble Jar filter, and re-designed it to fit a range of portable water bottles. And while our original Mason jar version is still great for your home, this new one could be the world’s best way to make great cold brew while you're away from home. While the Kickstarter campaign recently finished up, it's not too late to reserve yours on the Rumble Go Pre-Order Store.

The universal, height-adjustable design fits a wide range of popular wide-mouth bottles. And if you don't have one on-hand, we're offering a great one as an option too.

Our Kickstarter campaign page has all the details: Rumble Go on Kickstarter

And if you'd like to reserve one today, you can do so here: Rumble Go Pre-Order site

Rumble On!