Jar Compatibility Guide: Gallon-Size Rumble Jar Filter

The One Gallon Rumble Jar filter is specifically designed to fit the market-leading one gallon glass brewing jar shown below. 

Compatible glass jar shown with and without Rumble Jar filter

This type of jar is commonly found at brewing supply stores and is the leading style of gallon-size glass jars on Amazon. What can cause a bit of confusion is the fact that it's sold under a wide array of different brand names and sometimes even sold with no branding whatsoever. The good news is that these jars all seem to feature the same dimensions, which means our filter should fit any of them.

What to look for

An easy way to identify the compatible one gallon jar is by looking for a white screw-top lid. 


One gallon jar compatibility graphic - white screw-top lid is a good indicator of compatibility, some hinged lids may work, jars with knob handles or spigots won't work

If you see a one gallon jar that has a flip-top hinged lid (common for dry storage jars), there's a chance it is also compatible, but you'll want to double-check its dimensions using our measurement instructions below.

However, if you see a one gallon jar with a lid that has a knob handle (common for candy or cookie jars) or a jar with a spigot or spout near its base, then those will most likely not be compatible with our filters, since they'll either be too narrow or too short. Feel free to double check the measurements though, since you might prove us wrong and find one that is compatible (and we'd love to hear about it if so!). 

How to measure

Note: The jar shown above will be compatible, so there is no need to measure it.

For other types of jars, they will need an interior height at least 9.5" tall and be 3.75" wide on the inside of the mouth. Keep in mind that most jars advertise their outer dimensions, which could lead you astray. The best way to be certain is to measure the inner cavity per the instructions below, since that accounts for the thickness of the jar's walls.

Height: Drop a ruler or a tape measure inside the cavity of the jar all the way to its base, and measure to the very top of the mouth of the jar. 

one gallon jar mouth height measurement with ruler inside the jar

Width: Measure the inner diameter of the jar's mouth (i.e. the widest distance inside the walls of the jar's mouth).    

one gallon jar with ruler measuring inner diameter of the mouth

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