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Coarse-Ground Coffee 3-pack (36oz)

Coarse-Ground Coffee 3-pack (36oz)

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With this 3-pack bundle of Coarse Ground Coffee you'll save 20% plus Free U.S. Shipping! Single 12oz bags are also available here.


The most common question we get is "Where can I get coarse-ground coffee?" Well, the good news is you can get it right here! 

Our tasters loved this one. We chose this Mexican Chiapas single origin variety because it really comes alive when prepared as a cold brew. It was the only sample that received unanimous approval from our entire panel of (admittedly picky) tasters.

Coarse grounds for cold brew. The best way to prepare cold brew is by using coarse-ground coffee. Unfortunately, coarse grounds can be pretty tough to find in stores, and grinding whole beans yourself at home can cost you upwards of $100+ for a burr grinder to do the job well. So if you're struggling to find coarse grounds, now we've got you covered!  

Freshly roasted. Freshly ground. Since coffee loses its flavor more quickly once it has been ground, we're only producing small limited batches of this coffee to ensure freshness. This allows us to get it to your door soon after grinding while it's still rich in flavor.

Coffee details:
+ Pre-ground to a custom coarse grind size, ideal for our 200 micron filters
+ Medium roast
+ Balanced, slightly sweet flavor profile with creamy undertones
+ Single origin, Mexican Chiapas beans (100% Arabica), grown at high altitude
+ Durable, foil-lined bag features one-way valve that allows for off-gassing and ensures freshness
+ 12oz (340g) per bag

Looking for just a single bag? Coarse Ground Coffee | 1 bag 

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