Rumble Jar 32oz standalone filter in its box

New! Our award-winning 32oz Rumble Jar filter is now available in filter-only form

Today we're launching our 32oz Rumble Jar filter as a standalone product (meaning, you no longer need to buy the Mason jar with it). This change is in response to all the folks over the last few months who told us their cabinets were already overflowing with Mason jars and didn't need to add yet another one to the mix. We really appreciate you letting us know, because we do rely on feedback for most of the decisions we make around here! 

So now the quart-size Rumble Jar can be found in both the original complete kit form as well as the new filter-only form.  

What initially made this a tough decision was the fact that quart-size Mason jars commonly come in two different mouth sizes: regular mouth and wide mouth. Our filters are too wide for the regular-mouth jars and only fit in the wide-mouth ones, which is the recipe for potential compatibility issues. We definitely didn't want folks buying the filter by itself, only to be disappointed when they realized they had the wrong jar at home and couldn't actually make coffee! So in response to your feedback, we quietly piloted the filter-only version on Amazon, and discovered that our fears were unfounded. Buyers understood the distinction and generally didn't run into the compatibility issue, which was great news to us.  

Rumble Jar 32oz and 64oz standalone cold brew coffee filters side-by-side

If you're wondering why we've always been selling the larger, 64oz Rumble Jar as a standalone filter without the jar, that's because the half gallon Mason jar only comes in a wide-mouth version, so there's no compatibility concern. 

For more details about which Mason jars are compatible with our products, have a look at our FAQ on compatible jars.  

And we'll just mention it once more: please ensure the 32oz Mason jar you've got at home is a wide-mouth version, and you'll be good to go! Otherwise, it's best to stick with purchasing the complete kit

And as always, keep the good ideas coming! You can always drop us a drop us a line here.

Rumble Jar 32oz standalone cold brew coffee filter next to its box


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