Rumble Jar: Quart size (32oz), includes Mason jar

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Now you can make barista-quality cold brew coffee at home. Rumble Jar is an award-winning cold brew coffee maker, designed to work in tandem with the classic Mason jar. This 4-piece brew kit is all the equipment you need to make professional-grade cold brew coffee right at home. Just take your favorite coffee beans, grind them coarsely, add tap water and give it a rumble. Total prep time takes less than a minute, and by the morning you'll have delicious cold brew coffee ready to drink. 

To see what makes this filter ideal for cold brew, check out this product teardown.

+ 32oz Wide-Mouth Mason Jar
+ 18/8 Stainless Steel Cold Brew Filter
+ Food-Grade Silicone Cap, Available in 2 Colors
+ Cotton Sock (optional 2nd stage filter)

Need just the filter? Standalone filters without a Mason jar are available in both the Quart (32oz) size and Half-Gallon (64oz) size.

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Rumble Jar was designed by coffee experts to make cold brew the right way.

Stainless steel filter. Built out of dent-resistant 18/8 stainless steel, this surprisingly sturdy filter will have you saying goodbye to those flimsy mesh filters, those plastic parts, or those disposable paper filters, since all that stuff was designed for brewing hot coffee anyway. Experts agree that coarse grounds make the best cold brew, and 200 microns is the ideal hole size for perfectly filtering coarse ground coffee beans. A bigger hole size would yield too much sediment, while a smaller hole size yields weak-tasting coffee. 200 microns is "just right". Our filter also features two notches on the side, which are there to help guide you in brewing either normal strength or concentrate strength cold brew. see it up close

Silicone cap. Designed using BPA-free, FDA-approved food grade silicone, the cap keeps grounds inside the filter while simultaneously exerting upward pressure against the Mason jar's lid to keep the filter tightly secured without rattling around. But the real secret to this patent-pending design is that it allows the filter to nest fully inside the Mason jar, which means the Mason jar's original seal can work as intended. The end result is a significant reduction in oxidation (aka "the coffee killer"), since the jar actually stays airtight. Choose from 2 cap colors: Dark Black and Orangey-Red. see it up close

Mason jar. A wide-mouth, quart-size (32 ounce) jar with a 2-piece metal lid is included. Our filter has been designed to nest fully inside the mouth of the jar, which keeps it from interfering with that time-tested Mason jar seal. This means your coffee stays airtight, preventing against oxidation (aka the "coffee killer"). see it up close

Bonus filter sock. Rumble Jars come packaged inside a 100% cotton bag designed to do double-duty as a totally-optional second-stage filter "sock". While an unnecessary accessory for the average cold-brewer, it is a handy option for folks who are sensitive to the sediment that's characteristic of cold brew coffee, or folks who have to use finer grounds for their brewing (instead of the recommended coarse grounds). 


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Cleaning? Never been easier, since our simple design ensures an ultra-quick cleanup. The filter, cap and jar are all dishwasher safe.  

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