Our family has grown! Introducing the One Gallon Rumble Jar filter.

For some time now, we've had folks asking us for an even larger format than the Half Gallon Rumble Jar filter.  

Since anything worth doing is worth over-doing, we're proud to announce our largest filter has just doubled in size! Introducing the One Gallon Rumble Jar filter.

Quart, Half Gallon, and One Gallon Rumble jar filters standing next to their jars
The design process for this filter was a bit different than our previous Rumble Jar filters, since there isn't a Mason jar "standard" to follow when it comes to something this large. While you might find the odd one-gallon Mason jar out there, none of them follow much of a size standard and for the most part they aren't intended for brewing. They can also be pretty difficult to find. 
Gallon Size Glass Brewing jars, with and without a Rumble jar filter
So for the One Gallon Rumble Jar, we had to establish a new compatibility standard. After talking to folks in the coffee industry as well as taking cues from other brewing worlds (namely, beer and kombucha), it turns out there is in fact a standard gallon-size brewing jar that's really easy to find, once you know what you're looking for. For more details on the type of jar that works with our new One Gallon Rumble Jar filter, have a look at our Gallon-Size Brewing Jar compatibility page
Compatibility guide for Gallon Size Rumble Jar filters

Otherwise, this filter packs the same features and overall design as its smaller siblings, so the good news is we didn't mess with the formula.  

Hope you love it. Now get out there and brew some monster batches of cold brew!

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