Rumble Jar half gallon cold brew coffee filter with red cap

Rumble Jar just doubled in size

We heard all you original Rumble Jaristas loud and clear! Now the half gallon version is here.

Rumble Jar cold brew coffee maker family, now available in quart size and half gallon versions

Why a half gallon version?

Well, because you said so! Last year we sent out a survey to all the Kickstarter backers from our first Rumble Jar campaign. That feedback was amazing and shaped just about everything we've done since. To say we were listening is definitely an understatement!

The #1 piece of feedback we got was that the Mason jar itself was great for at-home use, but folks suggested a more portable container would be great too so they can take their coffee to go. So we created the portable Rumble Go version and launched that on Kickstarter last year.

Rumble Go Kickstarter campaign summary

The #2 piece of feedback? That was folks saying they wanted a bigger version of the Mason jar filter. That quart size Mason jar was working great, but some of you asked for a bigger one so you could make more coffee, less often.

Today, we're proud to bring you the XL version of Rumble Jar! It now fits into a half gallon Mason jar, so you can make 64 ounces of cold brew at home.

Only available as a standalone filter

For now, it's strictly available in a standalone filter-only option with no Mason jar included. Why not offer an option that includes a jar too? Well for one thing, you can buy a dozen of these in a store for about the same amount it would cost us to ship just one of them to your door (chalk up a win for brick-and-mortar!). Plus, it turns out a lot of folks already have a compatible one at home. That's because these half gallon Mason jars only come in a single wide-mouth format (i.e. no "regular" mouth), so you don't have to worry about whether our filters will fit yours.

If you've got a half gallon Mason jar at home, we're willing to bet it'll work with this new filter. And if you don't have one, just put it on your shopping list and get it from a good old-fashioned store (trust ones do not exist online but they do exist in stores!).

<3 Your Feedback

This is now the second product we've launched strictly based on your survey feedback (and we only have 3 products!). So yeah we're definitely listening and would love to hear more about what you think! Just drop us a note here.

You can check out the full Rumble Lineup here. (and really looking forward to adding one more to it next month!)

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